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If you want your consulting business to bring in more clients and earn more profit, you may be tempted to resort to paid advertisements like Google AdWords or a television commercial. However, there are less expensive options that can be even more rewarding.

Online Presence
In this modern age, having an online presence is practically required for success. You should have a functional website at the least. It should be easy to navigate, and it should contain pertinent information that both returning and potential clients may want to know. In addition to your company website, you should consider maintaining a social media platform for relevancy. This is largely dependent on your business’ practices and preferences, but it’s important to keep your options open. Facebook and LinkedIn are two platforms that are easy to use and relatively professional, and you can connect with clients as well as share information on these sites.

External Networking
There are a number of ways to build a strong reputation for your business, especially online, and connecting with other similar businesses will serve as the foundation of your network. Building your authority is an important step; you can achieve this by publishing articles, blogs, thought leadership pieces, webinars, or other materials that will show potential clients that you are reputable and knowledgeable.

You may also consider searching for events and conferences where you can speak to others in your field or those who are contemplating using your services. Branding yourself as an expert to potential clients is a sure way to earn their trust.

Internal Networking
Perhaps the most important element of marketing for a consulting business is utilizing the clients you already have. Make their experiences worth talking about. Being honest, open, and enthusiastic about what you’ve done for them and what you want to do in the future will help satisfy existing clients; not only that, but they may be inclined to return or recommend your services, which will provide an increased pool of profit. Your clients are perhaps your best marketing opportunity.

There is no step-by-step guide on how best to market your consulting business, but referencing the above points and making sure you utilize the resources you have without spending unnecessary funds on marketing will set you in the right direction.